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Did You Get the August Founders Box? Share and Win! Also, September Choice Coming to Your Inbox Toda

Thank goodness it's Friday! It's been a busy week for us, and we are definitely ready for the weekend! We will be doing some fall cleaning (or otherwise called deferred spring cleaning - ha) this weekend. What about you? We're so happy we can do your premium home decor and accessory shopping so you can spend more time doing what you love (or what you must) instead! <3

If you aren't already a subscriber, get your September New England themed box before it sells out! SUBSCRIBE NOW! It will be a great box with a retail value of $165!

Everyone that ordered a August Founders Box should have received it as we were able to upgrade everyone to Priority Mail! Woo! Did you love the box? Show us! We've been LOVING all the photos and notes we've gotten about our box! Some are showcased on our social media pages, but we would love to see more! Snap, share, and win! Five Sundae Home Brand Ambassadors will win a bonus item in your next box! See the details in the card enclosure in your box.

What else can we look forward to? That's right! We are keeping good on all our promises to you, so our Founding Members will have the option to choose preferences for one or more item(s) in our upcoming boxes, starting with our September New England home box! Look for an email with a link to our survey! Right now, only our Founding Members will be able to choose a preference. Additional details will be announced in the email.

Have a fabulous weekend!! Subscribe!

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