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Happy Holidays from Our Home to Yours; Intro to Holiday Decor Style

Happy Holidays!! We are celebrating our first Holiday Season this year, and are extremely grateful for our supporters and subscribers who make this holiday truly special! One of our final to-do's in 2017 is to bring on board super talented people that help make our dream a reality and continue to bring success into the New Year! We would like to introduce you to Esther, our first ever Senior Director of Social Media and Marketing! She is passionate about all things home and garden and will be contributing helpful content that will seamlessly integrate and accompany our monthly and seasonal home decor and style. Without further ado...

Holiday Décor Style

by Esther at Sundae Home

As we get ready to host family and friends during the holidays having a holiday style is good not only to have your home coordinated but also to help build your décor arsenal as the years go by. Now, I am going to talk about three types of styles glitter and glam, classic and colorful.

Glitter and Glam

This style is very popular and is composed of items that as you would have guessed are glittery, shiny gold and silver. Finding items is easy and one of the good things about this style is that some items can transition into the New Year celebration as well. Look for décor pieces that are bold gold, bronze or silver. Try to find tableware that shines and is elegant as well as centerpieces stand out.


The items for this style are your quintessential idea of the holidays. These are sophisticated and classic items you will remember seeing in most department stores. Colors include forest greens, true reds and soft whites. Including glass pieces in this style as well as vintage woods will mesh well.


Last but not least is the style that can come in handy if you have kids or just love color. This style will remind you of a Target or Gap add. It is a bold and bright take on the classic with rainbow colors being a definitive part. This style is fun and you can also throw in some DIY or projects you kids have already made in school. Popcorn garland is must!

This was just a short introduction into some main décor styles, be sure to go online and do you research to find the décor style that fits you best. Don’t forget to check back for the next blog!


Please note: Sundae Home will be closed from December 25, 2017 through January 1, 2018 to allow our staff time to spend with their families this holiday season. Orders may still be placed online, but customer service and fulfillment will resume on January 2, 2018. Thank you for your understanding.

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