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The Color of Winter: Winter White

While you can’t wear white pants after Labor Day you can take advantage of off-white better known as winter white. The new year brings resolutions and goals along with an opportunity to do the same for your home. Whether it’s bedding, bath, kitchen or home décor using winter white is an excellent way to brighten up your home this winter.

Bedding and Bath

There’s nothing better than beautiful white sheets on your bed, it makes the room feel fresh and new. Utilizing off-white sheets as the base color for your bedding also allows you to showcase any patterned comforter or bed skirt you might have. You can always opt to also have a white comforter and all the bedding in white which will make your bed stand out in the room. When it comes to the bathroom winter white is also a great color to use. If you like your bathroom to feel like luxury hotel you can do all white towels and accessories. If you still want a little bit of color look for items with a color stripe or ombre.


The kitchen is used every day and adding new items in winter white can have a great calming and inviting effect. You can look for some new canisters for your sugar, flour, etc. or perhaps some new serve ware in off-white. It doesn’t take a lot of items in winter white to change your kitchen look, a little goes a long way. However, feel free to use as many items as you want, it’s hard to overdo it in this wonderful color.

Home Décor

Overall there are some great items out there this season in winter white. I particularly like off white vases and centerpieces. They look great with a few fresh flowers or artificial stems for lower maintenance. You can also consider changing or adding a few frames to make your photos pop. A nice catchall at your console table is also a nice addition to this color style.

For the new year, a few items in your home in winter white will change the look and feel of your home.

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