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Spring Awakening

As spring approaches, quickly now is the perfect time to give your home a makeover. Having said that the makeover doesn’t mean you have to buy all new furniture or décor, today I will give you some tips on giving your home a new look by changing as little or as much as you want. One tried and true way to do this is to incorporate items that are different to your current style. The focus will be on East Meets West ideas but you can substitute the region for any other part of the world.

East Meets West

The lovely décor of the east is the perfect way to change your home this spring. If you are looking for furniture, you can go either of two ways. You can purchase ornate furniture with the elements of the east. Or you can modernize it and do very sleek modern furniture with clean lines and no patterns. If you choose the latter you can pair this with some ornate centerpieces, vases, or side tables. You can also look for eastern paintings, there are some very beautiful pieces by newer artists or you can buy some nice replicas of the classics.

Now let’s move on to the kitchen, here you can update your tableware or even update some of the cookware you use to bring the essence of the east to your kitchen. If you don’t want to get all new tableware you can just do a few changes, I love a modern bowl with a beautiful flower or serving utensils with flare. An easy way to give you kitchen an eastern flare is with flowers or a new plant. This will give it an automatic update and won’t cost you much.

Hope you give your home a makeover this spring!

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