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Thrifty Thursday

It’s Finally Thursday! The weekend is just around the corner! Make some weekend plans to do a little DIY and try out this Thrifty Thursday project!

Our Thrifty Thursday project is this fabric bulletin board! It’s the perfect project for giving your home or office organization, without the boring, beige, cork-board look. Since this is a DIY project, you will be able to customize your board to match your home’s décor.

This project will require a few simple supplies:

• A frame

• Spray paint (optional)

• Spray adhesive

• Foam board

• Fabric

• Utility knife

• Marker

• Scissors

• Push pins

Start by selecting a frame (this is where the Thrifty part comes in). Depending on where you want to display your bulletin board, select a size and shape that will work for you. I purchased my frame from my local Thrift store. It was in good shape, but was definitely in need of a makeover (Hello, 1980’s!)

I liked the detail in the frame, and a couple coats of spray paint should bring this frame back to life (if your frame is already a color you like, skip the paint).

Next, select your fabric. Purchase a small piece of sturdy fabric, or use a remnant. I had just enough upholstery fabric left from another project to complete my board! Now that you’ve selected your fabric, choose a paint that will compliment.

Carefully disassemble your frame and set the glass aside. Give your frame 2 coats of paint, allowing time to dry between coats.

Using the glass as a template, place the glass over the fabric and trace the outline with your marker. If you’re using a patterned fabric, try to center the design. Repeat the tracing on the foam board (if your foam board is thinner, trace two sections to be stacked and glued on top of each other). Cut the fabric with your scissors, and carefully trim the foam board to size with your utility knife. Spray the foam with spray adhesive and adhere the fabric.

After the frame has dried, and the fabric is securely glued to the foam board, you can assemble your bulletin board! Simply place the fabric covered foam into the frame, and use the frame backing to secure in place. Now you’re ready to showcase your new custom fabric bulletin board!

Your bulletin board doesn’t just go in your office. Display near your vanity or nightstand to hold your jewelry, watch, or glasses. Create a coffee and tea station in your kitchen and pin your favorite recipes and cards.

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