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Autumn Style - Harvest Must Haves

Summer has come and gone, the leaves are starting to change, and the weather is cooling off. Autumn is my favorite time of year. Homes are getting cozy with blankets and candles, our favorite pumpkin coffee is brewing, and we are swapping our flip flops for boots and scarves. There's something a little magical about Fall.

Just as we switch out our Summer wardrobe for Fall, we also change our decor with the seasons. Autumn brings in lovely shades of reds, coppers, and golds that warm our homes and reflect the natural beauty of the turning leaves. Natural elements of wood, metal, and fabric compliment these warm tones, and give our spaces a warm ambiance.

Autumn decor can vary from rustic, to glam. Color palettes can go bold, or subdued. So what's on trend? I visited a few of my favorite stores this past week to get a sense of this year's Harvest Must Haves.

Gold. It's beautiful, it's warm, and it's luxurious. Gold serving pieces like the ones above are a great way to incorporate this Autumn hue. Non-traditional, gold utensils are replacing the standard silverware on tablescapes. Gold-rimmed plates and glasses are an elegant touch, and can compliment existing dinnerware as well, and these hammered gold mugs are a picture-perfect vessel for your pumpkin spiced lattes.

Another metallic trend this year is Bronze. It's rich hues work well with both reds and oranges. Bronze utensils in a rustic design are perfect for a Thanksgiving table, and these gorgeous bronze glasses would add some Autumn flare to a bar or serving tray.

Pumpkins. The quintessential Autumn decoration. Pumpkin serving vessels are popular in shades of white, green, and orange. Farmhouse styles would benefit from the subdued green or white tones, while the more traditional orange is great for pairing with warm metals, and bright tones.

Our Sundae Home Limited Edition boxes are arriving right now! The Natural Agate coasters and Copper Terra Candle are great ways to bring Autumnal elements into your home! Please share your Sundae Home style with us! Visit us on Facebook and Instagram. We love hearing from our customers!

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