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Renew and Reuse

January is almost done, but Old Man Winter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Below zero temps mean I’ve been spending a lot more time indoors lately, staying warm and working on a little early Spring cleaning/organizing…and yes, I’ve been watching Marie Kondo on Netflix!! So good!!

After thinking about how I want to organize my life (and re-learning how to fold properly), I realized my most-loved items are those that are multi-purpose. A serving tray that can double as a centerpiece, a pitcher that also holds a bouquet of flowers, these multi-use items earn their keep and make it easy to clear away other items that are just clutter. Here are a couple of my favorite items from Sundae Home and how you can Renew them for your home.

I love the Gray votive holder from Eightmood. The beautiful light it casts on my wall from the candle glow, the elegant embossed-glass design, it’s a lovely candle holder, but I also love it as a mini vase filled with roses. It’s the perfect size to sit on a nightstand, or coffee table, and makes a big statement with a small footprint.


The sleek, minimal design of the Bloomingville Rose Gold Hurricane candle holder make it one of my favorite items. It’s modern lines look great even without a candle. It also works beautifully to keep my fish-hook earrings and bracelets neatly displayed. Bonus, the Fringe Waterstudy dish fits perfectly at the bottom to hold rings!


I also wondered how I could reuse some of my much-loved (now empty) items and re-purpose them. I love burning candles, but end up having lots of glass jars with tiny pools of wax at the bottom, and no more wick to burn. I tried to remove the wax with a tool, but I didn’t get anywhere. I also tried freezing the jar, but that didn’t work either.

I took to Pinterest and found the easiest way to remove wax is to pour hot water into the jar (you might have to loosen the wax a bit with a spoon) and the melted wax will rise to the surface of the jar, then harden as the water cools, making removing it a breeze. Soaking the jar in warm, soapy water will loosen the label, then simply clean off any residue with nail polish remover. Now use these handy little jars to corral your clutter. They work great for makeup, brushes, and pens!


A home is only as clean as it smells. I loved the Field + Fleur Fragrance spray Sundae Home sent. The bottle was the perfect size to leave on the bathroom counter, and the fragrance was natural and clean. Glass bottles and jars are easy to reuse for homemade air fresheners using your own custom blend of essential oils.

For a homemade fragrance spray, clean the label off your spray bottle (the same way as with the candle, above) and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I used lavender and orange for mine. Then simply fill with water and shake before you spray. You can add your own label, or decorate with washi tape for a finishing touch.

Reuse an empty jar for a baking soda air freshener. They are simple, effective, and chances are you have everything to make one in your kitchen. I always have spare canning jars (these are handy for storing food, candles, flowers, etc.), but you can use any jar, as long as you have a lid. Simply fill the jar with baking soda, and add several drops of your favorite essential oil; stir. I used eucalyptus and peppermint for mine. Add a piece of scrap fabric and hold in place with the lid ring (if your jar has a solid lid, simply use a hammer and nail to poke holes into the lid). Place these little jars in closets, bathrooms, even your car, to eliminate odors, and freshen the air naturally.


Do you have your own ideas for reusing and renewing items from Sundae Home? Share your ideas on Instagram and tag us @sundaehome!


Stay warm everyone, and keep an eye out for hints for our next box, Bistro Chic, on Facebook and Instagram!

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