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Bistro Chic

I am so excited about the latest Bistro Chic Box! It featured some items I didn’t own, and included some items I can’t get enough of! I decided to put everything to use this past weekend and do a little baking! Working on a refresh of my pantry, I found a lonely can of pumpkin leftover from Thanksgiving. April isn’t exactly pumpkin pie season, so I headed over to Pinterest to figure out what I could whip up with what I had on hand (and that would go well with a cup of coffee). Pumpkin cream cheese bread? Yes please!!

How good does that look? The Bloomingville Acacia cutting board was the perfect serving piece! The shallow curved design keeps all the crumbs on the board and off my table. It’s a beautiful piece I know I will use a lot.

The geometric design of the pot holder and kitchen towel (also from Bloomingville) are simple and elegant. They are 100% cotton and I think the pattern and color work well in my home. Both made removing the bread from the oven a piece of cake, and they will work great on my dining table to place under hot dishes.

I am in love with this sweet stoneware cream and sugar set! The simple set is perfectly nested on a matching dish and has a textured bottom and glossy top. I filled the sugar jar with cubes for coffee, or tea and used my favorite creamer in the other jar. This set would also work beautifully for hiding snacks, holding flowers, or even on your bathroom vanity to hold toiletries.

I was most excited to see the double walled glass mugs! They are by Zwilling and are the perfect viewing window for your favorite beverage. I have mine handy on my coffee cart, and brewed a cup to go with my pumpkin bread (I also love how the clear mugs go with the clear plates from one of our previous boxes!)

Did you enjoy the Bistro Chic Box as much as me? Share your photos and tag us @sundaehome to show us how you use our box in your home! Catch us on Instagram and Facebook for news and updates on our next box, Wine and Dine!

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