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Natural Decor

It’s that awkward decor season where Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and Christmas is fast on it’s tails. How do you transition from ghosts and pumpkins to turkeys and snowmen? Would you skip right to putting up the Christmas tree, but are worried what the neighbors will think? Well, you don’t need to pull out the ornaments and tinsel just yet. I have a few easy, and natural tips for the fall-to-winter segue.

Celebrate the end of Autumn by bringing a little of the outdoors inside. Natural decor is not only beautiful, it’s easy to come by. Some of these items might be in your own backyard!


Pine Cones:

I found my pine cones on a recent hike and brought them home to decorate. If you aren’t interested in venturing out to find your own, they are readily available in craft stores this time of year, some are even scented like cinnamon for an extra touch of warmth and ambiance. I grabbed some acrylic paints and “frosted” the edges of some of my pine cones (you can also purchase frosted pine cones at the craft store). I like scattering these around candles and tucking them into wreaths. They also make great ornaments for your Christmas tree, just tie a ribbon around the top, and hang.

Whole Nuts:

These are a great multi-tasking decoration you can pick up at the grocery store. A mixture of nuts is not only a great snack, but a great vase filler. I set a candle inside a tall, glass vase, placed it inside a large lantern, then filled the space around the vase with a mix of walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and pecans for a rustic table centerpiece.

You can also scatter the shelled nuts on a platter with tea lights to warm up smaller spaces. After you’re done displaying them, crack them open for snacking or add them to your holiday cookie recipes.

Fresh Greens:

You may be lucky enough to snip a bundle of evergreen branches from your own yard, but I snagged mine from my local home improvement store. These make a simple, clean addition to a name tag for your Thanksgiving dinner table. Simply snip a sprig and attach a personalized name card.

You can also tuck sprigs of evergreen into your table decor, under candles, or alone in a vase for a simple table centerpiece.

For a more dramatic look, add longer evergreen branches to a vase of fresh flowers for a unique, fall display.


I hope you enjoy these simple, natural decor ideas. Enjoy decorating your own home this season, and post your tips on Instagram. Tag us @sundaehome, we'd love to see how you decorate your home for the holidays!

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