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Comfort and Joy

Winter weather makes me crave something warm, cozy, and comforting. Whether it’s a cup of something warm, or a fuzzy blanket, these simple creature comforts make winter a little more bearable. I was so excited to receive our last box, because it was everything I love about this time of year. Minnesota winters are no joke, and being cooped up inside during these cold months can bring about cabin fever. The simple remedy for this is to make your space as inviting and comfortable as possible.


Possibly the easiest way to cozy up your home is with blankets and pillows. This Eight Mood throw I received, in a warm Winter-white, has a fuzzy texture and long fringe detail. Perfect for snuggling up in my favorite chair with a cup of tea. Adding throw pillows makes this seat hard to resist!


There’s nothing like comfort food to make my night better! When I opened my Staub baking dish, I envisioned my favorite comfort food, green bean casserole, perfectly baking inside. Golden brown onion crisps on top. Yum! This dish is not only beautiful (love the antique white!), but the open-handle design made removing it from the oven a breeze! Pro-tip, don’t be afraid to add extra onions crisps and cheese to your casserole.


This weekend is the perfect time to have a cozy night in with a Christmas-movie marathon! A warm cup of cocoa (with whip, please!) makes a great pairing with homemade Christmas cookies on my mini cocoa bar. Adding fun embellishments like candy canes, chocolates, or even spices are a fun way to customize your cocoa. The crystal votive holder from our last box is such a great multi-tasking piece. I’ve used it to enjoy candles, flowers and now Hershey’s kisses for an extra chocolatey treat


We hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday Season and that our Warm + Cozy box has filled your homes with comfort, joy, and warm wishes for your New Year!

Check your in-boxes! Our latest box has shipped! Can't wait for the surprise? Check us out on Instagram for a sneak peak!

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