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And the Award goes to...

It’s Oscars night everyone! I’m a fan of award shows, but this is THE most anticipated one in my book! I love watching the gorgeous (...and the not-so gorgeous) dresses on the red carpet, the glamour, the jewels, and the excitement of who will walk away with an Academy Award! I’m all set for an entertaining evening in!

Since the Academy Awards are on until WAY past my bedtime, I'm going to try to make my night as relaxing and easy as possible. The actors will be dressed to the nines, but I will be in my pajamas on my couch! Here’s my plan for a simple, somewhat elegant, Oscar night-in!

Snacks. You can’t enjoy a 3-hour long show without something to snack on, and you can’t go wrong with cheese. I picked up a couple blocks of my favorites and grabbed my bamboo cheese slicer. It only takes a couple of minutes to create perfectly sized slices.

I arranged the cheese on my slate platter, or you can also place chunks of cheese on the slate and use a knife to slice as you please. I picked up a chalk pen to write the name of each cheese on the board.

Keeping my snacking simple, I arranged some buttery crackers onto the shiny new Beatriz Ball platter from our last box. The organic shape of the tray looks great with the slate platter and they don’t take up much space on my table.

The next obvious addition is a glass of wine! I was excited to try out the Quench Unwined opener we received, and was impressed with all of the functions it has! I used the foil cutter to perfectly remove the foil from the top. The corkscrew was very easy to use and required very little effort!

This corkscrew also features a built-in aerating pour spout, as well as a stopper, secretly hidden in the top handle. Very clever!

I poured my wine into these stemless wine glasses (from a previous box). I love these glasses since they’re easier to hold and feel much more casual than a stemmed glass, but are still as elegant.

To create the perfect ambiance, I’m adding the D.L. & Co. Rose and Moscato candle. The gorgeous, cut-glass design is a shiny silver that matches back to my silver tray. Just enough glitz for my casual evening!

Cheers everyone! The Red Carpet is about to begin! Enjoy the evening and may the best picture win!

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